about altus


-runs the daily work with simplicity, short decision paths and secure relationships.

-monitor business-system tailored for our business.

-our low overhead-costs make it possible for us to match Europe's best prices with manufacturing in Gothenburg-

we are very proud of that!

-certified according to iso9001 and iso14001.

quality & environmental policy

-altus shall ensure its external quality by carefully understanding our customers' documented requirements and wishes.
-Altus shall ensure its internal quality by following the documented processes we have developed.
-We must be aware of how our process-flow affects the environment and make decisions that minimize and prevent environmental impact.
-Altus strives to, together with our customers, contribute to sustainable development where we want to be at the forefront of the use of environmentally friendly technology and innovative solutions.
-We place high demands on ourselves as a company and as individuals, but also on our customers and suppliers.
-A life-cycle perspective must be a guideLINE in decisions that can affect the environment.
-We must always comply with the COGENT requirements WHICH IS SET on the business
Powers and responsibilities must be clear and well anchored.
-Materials, work tools, documents and files must have clear and marked places, which means that  (Sort, Systematize, Clean, Standardize and Ensure) is a natural part of our everyday life.
-We will work with continuous improvements to achieve our specified goals and improve our quality and environmental performance.
-The policy is available on the website and is communicated at weekly meetings when new staff STARTS WORKING FOR US.